First Impression: L'oreal Sublime Soft Micellar Cleansing Water

I have only use this product for about a week but I wanted to say what I think about it so far so I guess this is more lika a 'first impression' post than a review.
My very first thought about this when I woke up on the morning the day after I used it the first time was: WOW! I had two spots on my cheek but I could see a big difference on them after just using this cleansing water one time.. I was still a little red but the actual spots had gotten much smaller. The funny thing about that is that it says on the bottle that it is for dry and sensitiv skin so then I don't expect it to do anything with my spots since you mostly get spots from oiliness. So that is one big positive thing!
It also removes my make up really well. I usually use this on a cotton pad, then my scrub, then this again when I wash my face on the night and i feel like it really washes of all the dirt.
So right now I don't really have anything negative to say about this at all. I would recommend it to most people, no matter your skintype, since I have combination and it works like a dream for me.

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