My Nails - French design #1

 I think it's more fun to paint my nails when they are long and that's probably because I really like to do some kind of design with a french tip involved.
I have used a random old sheer silver glitter on the whole nail and two layers of a white polish from e.l.f. to do the french tip. For the lines, that remind me of seaweed, I have used acrylic paint. Then a few light purple rhinestones to add something more and finish the design.


Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Daily Oil Elixir

Over the winter my hair got pretty dry and I heard a lot about different hair oils, so I wanted to try one to get my hair in better condition. This is the one I went for.
You can use it before you wash you hair, after in damp hair or after you have styled it. I always use two pumps of it after I have washed my hair because I think it works the best that way, but it can be different for different people.
It doesn't make my hair feel or look greasy at all and it doesn't weigh it down. I find that it also makes my hair dry quicker which I like since I always let my hair air dry.
My hair feels really soft after using this oil and looks shiny and healthy.
I would really recommend this product if you have dry hair since it have help my hair so much and it doesn't cost much compared to some other hair oils.


With/Without blue eyeshadow for brown eyes

As you probably already know there are certain colours that are good if you want to enhance your eye colour. I have brown eyes and the colour that enhances brown is blue.
So on the picture above I have one eye with just eyeliner and mascara and one with some blue eyeshadow under the lower lashline too.
I think my eye looks more life full with the blue under. It also looks a bit more fun with a pop of colour.

The blue eyeshadow is 5H from this palette from Viva La Diva. It is a quite true blue with some shimmer. It looks a bit lighter when it's applied though.


My Nails - Mattte Pink/Purple

After I saw this video a couple weeks ago I really wantet to try that technique. I have a matte top coat polish but it doesn't work that good to be honest. So yesterday I boiled some water and painted my nails.
It actually worked really good, as you can see on the picture.
The colour of the nail polish, Depend nr. 193, looks more purple here than it is. It's more pink in real life.


My skincare routine

These are all the products I use for my skincare right now and I'm quite happy with all of them.
The first thing I do on the night is to use the Nivea Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover. I used to use one from L'oreal that I loved but I actually think I like this one even more. It's so easy to get rid of both eyeliner and mascara, and it's goes fast. That might be because it's made for waterproof make up and the make up I use isn't.
Next I use the Nivea pure and natural cleansing milk for all skin types. It says on it that you're supposed to use it with a cotton pad but I find that it works much better to use it on wet face with my hands, then wash it off.
After that I scrub my face with the Neutrogena visibly cleas pink grapefruit daily scrub. This is also I product I really like. I feel like my skin has become more clear since I started using this. It's a quite gentle scrub so there is no problem with using it everyday. It also smells good which is always a plus.
Now I need to moisturize my skin with the Nivea  Daily Essentials Nourishing Day Care. I do like this but now I have the one for dry skin, which was what I needed on the winter, bot now I think one for combination skin would be better and that's probably the one I'm going to buy when I'm out of this one. (Yes I use a day cream on the night).
Last I use my Vitamin E Eye Cream from The Body Shop that you can read what I think of here.

On the morning I just use the cleansing milk which makes my skin feel fresh and then I moisturise with the same cream as on the night.

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Btw again, I have now I header that I'm happy with!


Outfit #3

My outfit today is really simple with a grey oversized t-shirt, black tights and a black bodycon skirt under. That skirt is probably one of my favourite things in my closet. I'm that kind of girl that doesn't like jeans but wear tights all the time instead. Bodycon skirts are the such a good thing to wear either under the top so I don't show my bum or to tuck the top in the skirt which I think gives it a little more 'dressed' look a guess. While it looks more casual to have the top over the skirt. Mine is from H&M and even though it's cheap it has good quality. I have had mine for at least half a year and it's just as nice as when I first bought it.
When my outfit is so simple I love to play with jewelry. Today I mixed gold and silver.
I love this watch. I think the thing I like about it is that it looks more like a bracelet than a watch.
It's from a webshop called cocoo.se. I got it for my birthday last year so they don't sell it anymore, but they do sell a lot of nice jewelry.


My Nails - Orange Flower

Here is the nail art I have on my nails now. I wanted something spring inspired and what's better for that than flowers?
I really like it and I like how it looks when the outlines of the petals doesn't really outline them if you get what I mean.
If you have any idea of a cool nail design then please leave a comment. I don't have that much inspiration right now so it would really help! Or if you want me to write a post about something or do a make up for that matter.


OBH Nordica Artist Wave Maker

This is a hairstyling tool I like for a few different reasons. One is that the waves it gives my hair looks quite natural and last for a couple days. (Unlike curls that only lasts one day for me). Another one is that I don't really need to do much else with my hair when I use this. It gives my hair a little volume which is quite important for me. I don't like my hair just as it is so I always tease it at the roots to give it some volume but I don't really need to do that when I have used this. Even though I still do sometimes just to give it a little extra.
I also like to do a messy updo or a loose braid when my hair is wavy. The waves gives the hairstyle a more casual look which I like.
I usually have it set on 160 °C and hold it for 5-10 seconds, then move down and repeat the all over my hair. I takes me about 30-40 minutes. Most of the times I do this one the night and like I said, it lasts a couple days so I don't have to worry about it not looking as good the next morning.


My favourite online shops

I like to shop on the internet because there is so much more to find. More stores and more brands. I most of the time think it's worth it even though it takes a couple weeks to get what you ordered and you don't really know exactly that the item is like in reality before you buy it.
Today I want to share my favourite beauty and clothing online shops with you.

Missguided, Topshop, and Nelly are my favourites when it comes to clothing. I can always find something I like on all of these shops and to an okay price. Some things are more expensive and some things have a really good price. All of them have a good delivery cost too. I hate it when i find something I like online and then the delivery is really expensive. I also feel like most people can find something they like one these sites no matter if you have a simple casual style or if you want something more dressed up.

On to beauty. Lookfantastic, Beautybay and Feelunique.All of them are british and have free worldwide delivery which is awesome. Make up is much cheaper in the UK than it's here in Sweden and they sell quite a few brands there that we don't have here, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Real Techniques and Rimmel for example. That is why I like these shops. The delivery usually takes about 2 weeks which is okay.


Everyday Make up (without eyeliner)

This is the make up I have done lately on days when I don't feel like wearing eyeliner. When I don't wear eyeliner I feel like I have to have a little eyeshadow, I don't really like mascara to be the only make up on my eyes.
I like to do this make up because it's so easy and it goes so fast.

First I use the contouring powder in my Sleek face contour kit in the crease, I do this so that it's easier to blend the next shadow that I use on the lid. That eyeshadow is actually one that I got from a magazine sometime but I do like it and it's pretty good, but any golden shimmery eye shadow will do. I blend that one with the crease colour and then I use the hightlither in the contour kit on my browbone and in the inner corner of the eye.
To make it more intense I use an eye pencil. The one I have on here is in the colour soft black from IsaDora. Finish it all off with my mascara and it's done.


TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

I most often wash my hair every third day, sometimes every second. Since I try to not wash it too often it can sometimes be a little greasy but not so bad that I need to wash it. That's when I like to use this product.
I do like it even though I don't think it's the best dry shampoo.
It is white when you spray it in your hair but when you have massaged it in you can't tell which I really like since I have dark hair. I feel like dry shampoos can sometimes make your hair look a little grey and boring I guess, if you have dark hair.
So you spray it in your hair (mainly at the roots), wait a minute or two and massage it in. It absorbs the oils so that your hair doesn't looks greasy anymore.
It doesn't last all day, but most of it for me and I feel like I need to use quite a lot which is why I don't think it's the best you can find.
Overall I do think it is a good dry shampoo and it does its job, but I wished for a little more from it.
I'm not sure but I think it might work better for people with fine hair rather than people with thick hair.


Shoes for spring

My favourite type of shoes to wear on the spring are easily converse or converse look-a-like. I don't care about if they are real or fake.I like them because they are so easy to style and they are comfortable.
These three are the ones I have; low pink, low black and high Union Jack.
I like them all for different reasons. The pink ones because the colour reminds me of spring and that makes me happy. The black ones because they literally go with everything. Last, the Union Jack ones because I love London (if you haven't guessed that from my blog name already, now you know) and I like the combination of red, blue and white. They are also, like the pink ones, an easy way to add some colour to an outfit.
Better picture of them: