My skincare routine

These are all the products I use for my skincare right now and I'm quite happy with all of them.
The first thing I do on the night is to use the Nivea Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover. I used to use one from L'oreal that I loved but I actually think I like this one even more. It's so easy to get rid of both eyeliner and mascara, and it's goes fast. That might be because it's made for waterproof make up and the make up I use isn't.
Next I use the Nivea pure and natural cleansing milk for all skin types. It says on it that you're supposed to use it with a cotton pad but I find that it works much better to use it on wet face with my hands, then wash it off.
After that I scrub my face with the Neutrogena visibly cleas pink grapefruit daily scrub. This is also I product I really like. I feel like my skin has become more clear since I started using this. It's a quite gentle scrub so there is no problem with using it everyday. It also smells good which is always a plus.
Now I need to moisturize my skin with the Nivea  Daily Essentials Nourishing Day Care. I do like this but now I have the one for dry skin, which was what I needed on the winter, bot now I think one for combination skin would be better and that's probably the one I'm going to buy when I'm out of this one. (Yes I use a day cream on the night).
Last I use my Vitamin E Eye Cream from The Body Shop that you can read what I think of here.

On the morning I just use the cleansing milk which makes my skin feel fresh and then I moisturise with the same cream as on the night.

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