Mini Beauty Haul

I needed to stock up on a few beauty products recently so I thought I'd show them in a little haul.
The first thing I needed was a new moisturizer. I used the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit one before and I like it but I wanted to try something else and I'm happy I did because this is the best moisturizer I have tried. It is the Nivea Pure and Natural Moisturizing Day Care for normal to combination skin. I have only used it for about two weeks but I can already see a differenc in my skin. I just quite recently started to have one or two spots all the time, I never had any problems with breakouts when I was around 15 which I think seems to be when most people struggle with that. I don't really know if you can say that I have a problem with them since there only is one or two at a time but it's more that I have had before. Anyhow, since I started using this moisturizer I haven't had any and this is the only thing I have changed in my skin care so it has to be thanks to this. I would definetly recommend it to anyone with normal to combination skin!
The next thing I needed a new one of was foundation and it was an easy choise. I have heard so much good about it and I have used another foundation from Max Factor that I also loved so there was no doubt that it was the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless I would go for. I have only used it for a couple days but so far I like it. It gives good coverage at the same time as it doesn't feel like I have anything on my face.
I also bought a new wash/scrub but I haven't started using it yet so I can't say what I think about it. It is the Garnier Pure Activ 3 in 1 and I mostly have heard good reviews about it so I'm hoping I will like it.
Then I just picked up a facemask on the way to the cash desk. It is a peel of mask which I like and it says that it freshen up the face but I'm not expecting anything magical from it.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what do you think about them?


Naked Basics

A little while ago I talked about different neutral eyeshadow palettes and now I have bought the Urban Decay Naked Basics. I'm glad I decided to go for this one. Even though it might look quite boring and like nothing special you can do a lot of different looks with this palette.
Here is a tutorial on a smokey eye using this palette and I will probably film an everyday makeup video soon where you will see a much more natural and subtle way of using this palette.


My Nails - Simple Monochrome

This is how my nails have looked the last week. A quite simple design but I really like it.
To get the sharp line between the white and black I first painted my nails white. Then I waited for a few hours to make sure it really had dried. It is really important that it's completly dry because now I took a piece of tape on half of my nail and painted the other half with a black polish. I needed two coats of it and then I removed the tape before it had dried and then I had a sharp line.
I know it's not perfect but it was the first time I tried doing something like this.
I used two different gold glitters on my ringfingers so make them really sparkly.


Autumn Outfit

The autumn is coming soon and I do not mind that at all. The autumn is my favourite season of the year when it comes to clothes. I much more prefer dark colours to bright and pastel colours. But doesn't has to mean that I only wear black or that my outfits are boring.
In this collage I have put together an outfit I gladly would wear any rainy autumn day (exept for the shoes and I forgot to add another pair of shoes but I would wear black converse with this outfit).
I don't know why but I got a thing for velvet, even tough I don't own any velvet clothes. I found these leggings and really like them. I think they look so cozy and confortable. I like to wear clothes that are nice and cozy/comfortable to wear but look stylish and I think these leggings seems to be a perfect example on that.
A cardigan is always a must for me, especially on the fall. I don't really like long sleeved jumper. I chose a simple white t-shirt so that the look wouldn't be too dark and then the jewelry are also quite simple but I like how you can match gold and silver together.

What do you think about this outfit? Is it something you would wear?