My Nails - Yellow + flowers

Here is a really simple nail design that I have on my nails now.
The yellow nail polish is from Barry M, nr. 134 yellow, and I used two coats of it. If I wouldn't have done a design over it I would probably have needed three coats.
The black and white polishes are both from e.l.f. All I did for the flowers was to dab a little polish on a paper then I took the end of a bobby pin to do five dots in a circle and then one in the middle.


Hair and make up for an event

 Yesterday we had an award show at my school so I thought I'd show you how I did my hair and make up.
I really like this hairdo and it's pretty easy to do. I did it like this but on the side and quite loose and I had curled my hair before. Then I just added two flowers. I know you can't see my bangs in these pictures but I curled the ends of them o they would fall nicely.
For my make up I went for a shimmery brown smokey eye and pink lips. I wanted something quite dramatic but not over the top so I thought this was a good look. I wore the second outfit in this post but with other jewelry so I didn't want to go for colours on my eyes since the outfit was quite classic.


E.L.F Cream Eyeshadow

I always need to have some kind of base under my eyeshadows or they  will crease within a few hours. I always use my Too Faced Shadow Insurance but sometimes I want something that will make the colour more intense. Here is a great product for that.
The purple colour is called 'Purple Pleaser' and the golden is called 'Natural Glow'.
On the picture I have swatched the cream eyeshadow on the left and an normal eyeshadow on the right. In the middle I have the cream with the eyeshadow over. As you can see, the cream really does makes a difference for how intense the colour of the eyeshadow looks.
I use a synthetic flat eyeshadow brush to apply it.
I have never tried these cream eyeshadows without a primer under but I can say that your eye makeup will stay the whole day with a primer, the the cream, then your eyeshadow.
I have even used the purple one under blue eyeshadows and if I make sure to pack the eyeshadows on you cant tell that I used a purple base under.
These cream eyeshadows are shimmery but you can use them under matte eyeshadows too, but then your makeup will have a little shimmer to it, but not that much. So don't be scared to try them out even  if you're not much for shimmer.
Also, it says on the that they are good for 6 months but I have had the golden one for about a year I think and it hasn't dried that much yet.
As a conclusion: I love this product and for its price it's pretty much perfect!


Outfit #4 / Styling skater skirt

I have this skater skirt from topshop that I really like. I think it's that kind of clothing that you quite easily can dress down or dress up. Today I wanted to show you how I would do that.
The first outfit is pretty casual and comfortable but not boring. The jumper is from H&M and I think that is what kind of 'makes the outfit' if you know what I mean. It adds colour and makes everything  look so effortless but still nice. Then I just wore a few pearl bracelets and a ring.
The second look is the more dressy one. I really like the classic vibe this outfit gives and the studds on the belt gives it a little something different but it's red which goes perfect with the classic theme. I went quite minimal with the jewelry since I wanted it to feel timeless but still modern.

Which style do you like the most?


My Nails - Purple + French

One thing that's pretty easy to do if you want to do something fun on your nails but not too much is to paint all your nails in one colour except for one that you do something else on or paint in another colour.
I have used this purple colour, Depend nr. 159, on all my nails but on my ring fingers I just used it to do a french tip. Under the french tip, over the whole nail, I used one coat of Silver from Mavala. Lastly I added a few dots with Viva La Diva nr. 61.
This is a really easy design that I'm sure almost everyone could do. The hard thing is to get the french tip even but just practice and you'll get the hang on it soon.


New for summer

Okay, it doesn't really feels like summer yet here in Sweden but it's hopefully not to far away. We have cherry blossoms outside our apartment and the trees are green and I have eaten my first strawberries this year! They weren't Swedish of course but they tasted good.
Anyway, that's not that I was going to tell you about here. I was going to show you what I bought yesterday, everything is from Cubus.
The first thing is really basic and it's just a normal black hoddie with a zipper. I like hoodies to be big and cozy so I got this one in size L but it doesn't look that big on.
Next is a pair of hot pink shorts. I wasn't too sure about the colour at first and looked more at a black pair but my sister made me try this one and I'm happy she did. I really like them and this colour makes me look a bit more tanned. The also fit really good.
Last is a pack with four rings. I love wearing rings so packs like this are perfect for me. I think they are really pretty and they had 25% off on all jewelry when I bought them which made me happy. It's such a nice feeling when you know you're going to buy something and then it's cheaper that you thought it was going to be.


Nivea Daily Essentials Moisturizing Day Care

In my post about my skincare I said that I liked the moisturizer I used then but it was for dry skin and now my skin is combination so I wanted to try the same one but one that would be good for my skintype. Here it is.
Some brands have products for normal skin, some for all skintypes and some have for combination skin. I personaly feel like all those three are kind of the same thing from what I have experienced. This moisturizer is for normal skin and it works good for me. It's not the best but it's definitely not bad.
It feels nice and moisturizing on the skin and works great under my make up. It has UV-protection in it which is good, especially now when the sun is out more. It actually smells a little like sun protection to me, which I don't mind.
It does what it says, moisturizes the skin, so that's why I think it's a good product.
The reason to why I don't think it's better than 'good' it that I still don't feel like it does that much. I mean, it doesn't makes my skin any clearer and it doesn't make me break out any less. But it doesn't claim to do that either so I can't really complain.


Top 5 make up wants

Here are my top 5 make up items I want right now (not in order);
1, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque. As I have said before I have pretty bad dark circles under my eyes and this is a product that I have heard many good things about and I really want to try it and see how it would work for me.
2, Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I'm not sure about which colour would be right for me but I think it would be Mont Blanc. This is also a product that I have heard so much about and everybody who have tried it seems to love it. I have never tried a high end foundation because I think the drugstore ones work just fine, but when I get around to try a high end one this is going to be it.
3, Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Celestial. All these procucts I want seens to be hyped about, but at least this isn't a high end one. I think the colour Celestial is really pretty and I think the consistency of this product should be good for my dry lips.
4, Benefit They're Real Mascara. I love volumising mascaras and this seems to be a really good one. Of cause mascaras can work very different since everyone's lashes are different but I think this one seems to be good for many people.
5, MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox. This is the item I want the most and I'm probably going to buy this one sometime soon. It think this is the perfrct pink colour on a lipstick! I don't really have anything else to say about it, I just love it. And I haven't even looked at it in person, haha. But I'm sure I will love it just as much when I do.


My Nails - Green / Depend 227

I felt for something summery this time since the weather have really gotten better here the last week. I looked through my nail polishes and found this one that I don't know if I have ever worn before. I'm pretty sure it's from Depend's spring collection two years ago.
The colour looks more green in person and not quite as blue as it looks on the picture, but it's also a little different in different lights. It has really tiny glitters in it which I think it really pretty. It gives the polish something more without being too much.
You can't tell form the picture but I actually think this colour makes my pale skin look a little bit tanned. Not much though, I guess it just compliments my complexion well.


Simple and clean make up

Here is a make up I wore a few days ago when I wanted something simple and clean.
I went with nice skin and contoured cheeks using the Sleek Face Countour Kit and a little bit of blush from Natural Collection in the colour Pink Cloud.
On the eyes I just had a skin coloured shadow on the lid and a medium brown in the crease, both from my 88 palette. Then two coats of the Rimmel Day To Night Mascara.
To add a little colour to the look I decided to go for this Perfect Moisturize Likstick from IsaDora in 51 Sweet Lilac. (I don't think the sell this colour anymore). This lipskick is really nice on the lips and quite moisturizing as you can tell from the name. The colour is a really pretty pink/purple shade. It has a little stronger colout than it looks like on the picture, but it's not super pigmented either. I actually have a lipliner from L'oreal in 708 Always Toasted, which is almost the same colour as my lips, under to make the lipstick last longer and I think it makes the application more even.


Nivea Essential Care

I have quite dry lips so I like to try different lip balms to see which ones works the best for me.
This is unfortunately not one of them. I have read other rewies of the product and most people seems to think it's good but for some reason it doesn't really work for me.
It does feels nice on the lips when you apply it and it also feels quite moisturizing but it doesn't do anything for me in the long term. I mean, it feel nice when I have it on my lips but after a while my lips feel just a dry as they did before I applied it. I would have to reapply it all the time to make my lips feel and look nice.
I'm going to use this one up but I'm not going to repurchase it and I wouldn't recomend it from my own experience with it. Maybe it works better for people with not as dry lips as mine.
I don't think so many people would say that they like it if it's not a good product but I feel like I need something more.


New bag

I got this New Look Beano Backpack from asos a few days ago. It was the first time I bought something from there and I can say that it's definitely not the last time. I got it in the mail only just over a week after I ordered it which I think is really good, and the fact that they have free delivery makes it even better.
The main reason to why I bought this bag is that I thought it would be easier on the summer to have a backpack than a one shoulder bag when I go away on day trips and such.
I had found a black and white striped bag on Topshop that I really liked but then I saw this one and liked it too and it was about half the price as the one on Topshop so I decided to go for this one.
I haven't used it yet but I can already tell that I'm going to be pleased with it when I do.