Phone case / wallet

I got a new phone on my birthday, Samsung galaxy S4 mini, and I wanted some kind of case for it. I went on ebay and started searching. I first looked at normal cases but then I decided that I rather wanted a wallet for it. Both because it protects the phone more and I like that I can have my phone, cash and cards at the same place and I don't need to bring my handbag if I don't feel like I need to. I found this one and loved it! The things I like so much about it is that it has an envelope style to it and the studds adds so much. I also like that it has place for three cards because most of the wallets I looked at only had two. The cards I want to bring with me are my ID, bankcard and bus card.
It's not quite as white on person as it looks on the pictures. It's more of a yellow toned off white but it's not something that matters at all.
I don't know if the make this wallet for other phones but if you have a Samsung galaxy S4 mini and are looking for a more fun wallet to it I would recommend this.

I'm not sure which seller I bought it from but here is one that sells it: Click.


School look

Here is a video tutorial of a look that I think is suitable for school and that doesn't take look long time to do. For me this takes about 20 minutes.

Hope you like it!

P.S. It was filmed before I dyed my hair.


It's red!

I got bored of my brown hair so I decided to dye it red again and I LOVE it!
I have had red hair before so when I bought this dye I knew this was the one I wanted. Syoss Professional Performance in 5-29 Intense Red. I do think that this is the best red hair dye that you can buy in a drugstore or supermarket out there. My hair was medium/dark brown before I would say and look how red it is now! It does depend a little on the light how intense it looks. It's much  more red out in daylight than inside but nevertheless, it's red.
So that you can use it even on darker hair and it still makes it this red is one of the reasons to why I like this hair dye so much. The other reason is that it actually stays in your hair. I feel like with the other red dyes I have used, the intensity in the colour washes out after a couple or a few weeks but with this dye it's still pretty intense even 1-2 months after you used it. I think that's pretty damn awesome. ( Sorry for the swear word but I need it to explain how amazing this colour is.)

I also thought I tell you two tips on how to not get the dye on your skin in your forehead, ears and neck.
1, Apply some Vaseline on your skin in those areas where you usually get the dye. That way the dye will not touch your skin and you can just wipe it away after you're done applying the dye in your hair.
2, Use makeup remover or makeup wipes to wipe of the dye you may have gotten on your skin. If you have tried to wipe away hair dye with soap and water you probably have noticed that it doesn't work that good. But makeup remover really does work if you do it straight away when you're done applying the hair dye.

What do you think? What is your favourite hair dye?


New Pants + New Video

It was my 18 birthday last thursday so last week I was celebrating that with both friends and family so that's why it has been a bit empty here for a little more than a week. I just didn't have time to blog.

Yesterday I got these pant that I ordered from Missguided about two weeks ago. I have to say that I absolutely love this flower print! I got them on the sale for £ 16.09 which I think is really good. But.. I do think that this fabric isn't the best quality. Even though it's lightweight ( as it says in the description on them, here ) and has a little stretch in it I can see in the seams that the fabric isn't the best. That is a bit disappointing since I love the print so much but I'm going to keep them and hope that the stitches will hold. They are the right size for me, I even compared them with another pair of pants I have that are also high waisted and tight and they both are the same size.

The third and final thing I want to say in this post is that I uploaded a new video on youtube yesterday. The "13 questions tag".


July Favourites

I don't know if I will do favourites every month because I don't feel like I use that many new products that often so I wouldn't really have anything new to show. But this month I wanted to show some things I've been loving recently.
I might show a couple things I like here on my blog at the end of every month but only do a video every second month or something when I feel like I have enough products to make a good video. I don't know, we'll see what I do.
Anyhow, here is the video if you want to hear me talking about these products:



Two New Products

I was looking at the last things left in the sale and found this volume spray mousse from Urban by Björn Axén for half price. I wanted something that would help me get a messy look in my hair now that it's shorter ( I cut of about 10-15 cm off it last week). I was thinking about a salt water spray but then I saw this and decided to go for it instead since it says it gives volume which I really like.
Then a picked up a face mask too. I have heard good things about Formula 10.0.6 but never tried anything and this sounds like it would be good for my skin. They sell their masks in this 2x5g packaging and also in 100 ml tubes but I went for the small one so I can see how I like it and if it works good I might buy the big tube.

I will probably write what I think about both these product when I have tried them.