Two New Products

I was looking at the last things left in the sale and found this volume spray mousse from Urban by Björn Axén for half price. I wanted something that would help me get a messy look in my hair now that it's shorter ( I cut of about 10-15 cm off it last week). I was thinking about a salt water spray but then I saw this and decided to go for it instead since it says it gives volume which I really like.
Then a picked up a face mask too. I have heard good things about Formula 10.0.6 but never tried anything and this sounds like it would be good for my skin. They sell their masks in this 2x5g packaging and also in 100 ml tubes but I went for the small one so I can see how I like it and if it works good I might buy the big tube.

I will probably write what I think about both these product when I have tried them.

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