My Nails - Autumn Polishes #2

What is a more perfect colour for autumn than a classic red?

This one is from IsaDora and the colour is called '40 Supreme Red'. I bought it several years ago and they don't sell this colour anymore but you can find a classic red from pretty much any brand. The thing I especially like about this polish is that it's a slightly deeper red which I think is more flattering against my skintone and a bright red would be.


August and September Favourites

Here is a new video where I show what products I have been liking recently. I hope you like it!


New Perfect Rings

As I think I have said before, I love rings and have been looking for some simple plain ones for a long time and I think I have found the perfect ones.
They are form H&M and the plain ones was in a pack of six and the ones with a texture (that almost looks like glitter but not quite) came in a pack of eleven. They are so easy to just stock on and there are rings that fits for every finger for me. The plain ones are in different sizes, the textured ones are not but because they have different lenghts (if you understan what I mean, I can't find the right word) they fit both my index-, middle- and ring fingers.
Since they are fron H&M they had a good price. 40 swedish crowns for the plain and 50 for the textured.
As I said in the title and in the beginning of this text, they seem perfect!


My Nails - Autum polishes #1

I am now going to start a little series here among my nail posts where I show my top 5 favourite colours to have on my nails for autumn. Some of them you may not be able to get hold of anymore since I got them quite a while ago. (By that I mean a few years ago.) The point is not that these polishes are my favourite, just the colour. I'm going to try and find similar colours from other brands that you can get hold of though.

The first colour I really like for autumn is a dark purple. This one is from H&M and it's called "Meet me in the dark" which I think is a good name for it because it's really dark.Depending on the light it can almost look black sometimes, but it's not as hard against your skin as a black would be, if you're as pale as I am.
It looks nice and opaque with two coats but it's not the best quality, but I don't think that matters too much if you use a topcoat over it.
One polish I found that seems to be quite similar to this one is "Sole Mate" from Essie.

What colours do you like on your nails for autumn?


Everyday Makeup

Sorry for the lack of content here the last week/week and a half, but I have had a lot in school and I've been ill for the last few days.

I uploded a video on my youtube channel today where I show you my everyday makeup routine. It's nothing special really but I thought it might be fun to see since I myself really like these kinds of videos.