L'oreal True Match Powder

I have used this powder for a week now so I thought I should tell you what I think about it.
The packaging is pretty nice on my opinion. The lid is see-through and under the actual powder is a mirror and a sponge. It would be easier to use the mirror if it was on the inside of the lid so you could look in the mirror and use the powder at the same time but it doesn't bother me that much to be honest.

I apply the powder with my e.l.f. complexion brush. I haven't tried the sponge that comes with the powder so I don't know how good or bad it is.
Now to the actual powder. I really like it. It has a texture that I haven't seen before and I don't really know how to explain it. It feel nice on my skin and it makes my make up lasts most of the day. I wouldn't say it's mattifying but I don't like powders that are so this one is good for me.
It comes in both warm and cold shades ( I have C1 Rose Ivory). It has a little coverage but not too much.
One thing I have read in a couple other reviews on this powder is that it oxidizes after a while. It does not to that for me at all, it stays the same colour all day.
I don't know what else to say. It is a good powder if you want you make up to last but don't need something to mattify your skin,


My Nails - Easter

Here is my easter nail design. I used a yellow nail polish from Viva La Diva in nr. 51 as my base colour. Then I used a pink and green nail art polish from Kiss and a white from Nubar do do the pattern. I wish the yellow polish would be more pigmented. I have three coats here, but if I wasn't going to do a design on it I would have needed one or two more coats.
My inspiration was, as you probably can tell, a classic easter egg.


Blue and purple make up

Here is a spring inspired make up I did a couple days ago. I think it's quite fresh and fun, it is also easy to do.

I used this 88 palette for this look. I'm not sure of which blue shadow I used but it was one of the lighter ones. In the crease I used G6 and a little of G8 in the outer corner to darken it and under the eye. Then I also used A2 to blend the edges and make it look even on both eyes.
The eye liner I used is the L'oreal superliner duo precision and for mascara I use the L'oreal Voluminous x5


My Nails - Grid

This time I decided to do a simple design on my nails with these black and white nail polishes from e.l.f.
I used to always do some kind of nail art on my nails but I have been a little lazy with that lately, but now I have decided to start with it again. Even though it was a really simple design this time. I can promise you that you're going to see some more fun designs in the future here on my blog!


The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

I have dark circles under my eyes and my skin has been a little dry there. That made me want to try a eye cream a few months ago and this is the one I bought.
It says on their webpage that it hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.
I think it does that. I can easily see that my skin is much more moisturized since I started using this. I don't feel like it has done so much with my dark circles but the fact that my skin is softer makes my concealer go on smoother and it's easier to hide them.
This is the only eye cream I have tried so I can't say how it works compared to any other.
I would recommend it to people that feel like they need to moisturize their under eye area and have fine lines.


Outfit #2

Here is my outfit today. Casual with a couple details that you can see on the pictures.
I have studded the jumper myself with studs I found really cheap on ebay. The snake ring is from Guldfynd ( a swedish jewelry shop) a few years ago. Then I also wore blue tights to add a little colour. That is one thing I do quite often. I wear black and white clothes and one coloured item.
I like this outfit because it's casual and comfortable at the same time as the studs and tights makes it a bit more fun.


Two new products

I love my IsaDora Velvet Touch Powder but I'm out of it now and I wanted to try something else. After a while I decided to go for the L'oreal True Match Powder. I haven't tried it yet so I can't say what I think about it. From what I have read about it, it seems to be a really good powder but it can look a little cakey. I only use powder to set my foundation and concealer so I don't think that will be a problem for me.
The other thing I bought was an eye shadow to fill in my eyebrows with. This is the Kicks Eye Colour in Lady Godiva. I know this eye shadow has a little shimmer in it but that doesn't show when I have filled in my brows with it so I doesn't matter. You can see a swatch on it in the picture below.


My nails - Blue / H&M Blue My Mind

Here is the nail polish I painted my nails with a couple days ago. I think I would say it's a sky blue colour. It's pretty pure blue but I wouldn't call it a pure blue colour. I don't really know how to describe it to be honest. You can see it on the pictures.
This polish is one of my favourite blue. I think it's that kind of colour that works good all year around.


Everyday rings

Rings are my favorite kind of jewelry. I quite a few but the ones I'm showing you in this post are the ones I wear the most. They are all quite small and simple so they go with almost everything.
These first two ones have been my favourite rings since I bought them in Camden in London last year. Both for £10 which was a really good price if you think about how much I use them. 

These rings in the pictures below are from a norwegian shop called BikBok. It was a pack with 10 small simple rings. The gold colour on them came off after I had used them only a couple times so some of them have more of a copper colour but I don't really mind that so much.

I'm going to show this nail polish in my next post if you want to know that it is.


Make up using Sleek Ultra Matte V1

This is the make up I came up with using the palette I showed in my last post. I think it's quite wearable considering the colours are so bright.

I've used nr. 2 all over the lid and nr. 3 in the crease, then nr. 10 and 12 to blend it out. Under the lower lashline I have nr. 8 and a little of nr. 4. I used blue under the eye because it's the best colour to enhance brown eyes and I thought it would be too much to have pink or purple all around my eyes. I also applied some black eye pencil on the water line and winged eyeliner.

Another easier way to use this palette is to just do a simple make up with eyeliner and then take whatever colour you like and suits you under the lower lashline. That way it will be wearable but with a pop of colour.


Sleek Makeup Eye Shadow Palette Ultra Matte V1

Since it's starting to feel a little like spring now I wanted to show you something with a lot of colours, and what's better for that than this palette?

Swatches on the top row (with no base under):

And the bottom row:

These eye shadows are all, as you can hear on the name, matte. I personally most often like shimmery eye shadows more that matte. Both because I think they look prettier and they are usually easier to work with.
As you can see on the pictures the darker/brighter colours are more pigmented than the lighter. Though the lighter colours are great to blend out the make up look with to make it softer. Also they all look better with a primer or any other base under.
I get a little fall down from them but if you make sure to tap off the excess you're fine. Or do your eye make up before your foundation.
I'm going to show you a make up with this palette in my next post so you can see what they look like on the eye and how I would use them.


Outfit #1

 This is what I wore yesterday. A quite simple outfit that you easily could make more fun by adding some jewelry, more that just the belt I'm wearing here.
A plain white top, a black cardigan, high-waisted shorts, black tights and this red belt with silver studds from H&M to add a little colour. I really like this belt. I don't wear that much colours, at least not on the fall and winter, therefore I like it to because it's an easy way to make many different outfits more fun.


My nails - White / IsaDora nr. 103 Pearly Frost

This is the polish I have on my nails now. It's one of my favorite even though I most often like colours on my nails.
It is a white polish with a frost finish and I think it's really pretty.


A different bun

Today I'm going to show you how I like to do a bun in my hair. It's a little different from how the usual bun looks like.

This is the things you will need; A teasing comb (or a normal one), a hair tie and a few bobby pins.

The first thing I do is teasing the hair on the crown on my head.

Brush out the teasing a little to make it look smoother, then I put my hair up in a ponytail. I make a loop and put the hair through it from underneath like in the picture below.

 After that I twist the hair around it and secure it with a few bobby pins.

This is what it looks like when it's done.


How I take care of my lips

I have quite dry lips so now I'm gonna tell you how I take care of them. It's really simple but it also works.
If you have dry lips it's important to exfoliate them to you get rid of the dead skin. I know there is many lipscrubs out there, I've heard good things about the ones from Lush for example. Even though I need to scrub my lips a couple times a week, at least on the winter, I have never tried a lip scrub. Instead I take a normal towel and have a corner of it under hot water. Then I squeeze out the excess water and use that corner as a scrub. I know you can to the same thing with a toothbrush but I find that that just hurts.
After I  have done that I need to moisturize my lips and for that I use carmex.

I, as many other, think that carmex is really good. I apply quite a lot of this on the night and when I wake up my lips are soft and nice.
I use this during the day then I feel like I need to but then I don't apply as much. I find that it works better for me to apply a little several times rather than applying a lot a few times during the day. 

If I want something moisturizing but also with some colour I use this.

I have it in the colour "Rose" which looks like this in the lips.

(I don't have any foundation on so sorry for my skin)
I think this lip balm is really good for its price. I can feel that it moisturizes my lips as the same time as it gives a pretty colour with good pigmentation considering it's a lip balm.I might need to apply this more often that the carmex to really keep my lips moisturized but I think it's worth it when I want some colour on my lips.