How I take care of my lips

I have quite dry lips so now I'm gonna tell you how I take care of them. It's really simple but it also works.
If you have dry lips it's important to exfoliate them to you get rid of the dead skin. I know there is many lipscrubs out there, I've heard good things about the ones from Lush for example. Even though I need to scrub my lips a couple times a week, at least on the winter, I have never tried a lip scrub. Instead I take a normal towel and have a corner of it under hot water. Then I squeeze out the excess water and use that corner as a scrub. I know you can to the same thing with a toothbrush but I find that that just hurts.
After I  have done that I need to moisturize my lips and for that I use carmex.

I, as many other, think that carmex is really good. I apply quite a lot of this on the night and when I wake up my lips are soft and nice.
I use this during the day then I feel like I need to but then I don't apply as much. I find that it works better for me to apply a little several times rather than applying a lot a few times during the day. 

If I want something moisturizing but also with some colour I use this.

I have it in the colour "Rose" which looks like this in the lips.

(I don't have any foundation on so sorry for my skin)
I think this lip balm is really good for its price. I can feel that it moisturizes my lips as the same time as it gives a pretty colour with good pigmentation considering it's a lip balm.I might need to apply this more often that the carmex to really keep my lips moisturized but I think it's worth it when I want some colour on my lips.

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