Make up using Sleek Ultra Matte V1

This is the make up I came up with using the palette I showed in my last post. I think it's quite wearable considering the colours are so bright.

I've used nr. 2 all over the lid and nr. 3 in the crease, then nr. 10 and 12 to blend it out. Under the lower lashline I have nr. 8 and a little of nr. 4. I used blue under the eye because it's the best colour to enhance brown eyes and I thought it would be too much to have pink or purple all around my eyes. I also applied some black eye pencil on the water line and winged eyeliner.

Another easier way to use this palette is to just do a simple make up with eyeliner and then take whatever colour you like and suits you under the lower lashline. That way it will be wearable but with a pop of colour.

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