Sleek Makeup Eye Shadow Palette Ultra Matte V1

Since it's starting to feel a little like spring now I wanted to show you something with a lot of colours, and what's better for that than this palette?

Swatches on the top row (with no base under):

And the bottom row:

These eye shadows are all, as you can hear on the name, matte. I personally most often like shimmery eye shadows more that matte. Both because I think they look prettier and they are usually easier to work with.
As you can see on the pictures the darker/brighter colours are more pigmented than the lighter. Though the lighter colours are great to blend out the make up look with to make it softer. Also they all look better with a primer or any other base under.
I get a little fall down from them but if you make sure to tap off the excess you're fine. Or do your eye make up before your foundation.
I'm going to show you a make up with this palette in my next post so you can see what they look like on the eye and how I would use them.

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