It's red!

I got bored of my brown hair so I decided to dye it red again and I LOVE it!
I have had red hair before so when I bought this dye I knew this was the one I wanted. Syoss Professional Performance in 5-29 Intense Red. I do think that this is the best red hair dye that you can buy in a drugstore or supermarket out there. My hair was medium/dark brown before I would say and look how red it is now! It does depend a little on the light how intense it looks. It's much  more red out in daylight than inside but nevertheless, it's red.
So that you can use it even on darker hair and it still makes it this red is one of the reasons to why I like this hair dye so much. The other reason is that it actually stays in your hair. I feel like with the other red dyes I have used, the intensity in the colour washes out after a couple or a few weeks but with this dye it's still pretty intense even 1-2 months after you used it. I think that's pretty damn awesome. ( Sorry for the swear word but I need it to explain how amazing this colour is.)

I also thought I tell you two tips on how to not get the dye on your skin in your forehead, ears and neck.
1, Apply some Vaseline on your skin in those areas where you usually get the dye. That way the dye will not touch your skin and you can just wipe it away after you're done applying the dye in your hair.
2, Use makeup remover or makeup wipes to wipe of the dye you may have gotten on your skin. If you have tried to wipe away hair dye with soap and water you probably have noticed that it doesn't work that good. But makeup remover really does work if you do it straight away when you're done applying the hair dye.

What do you think? What is your favourite hair dye?

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