Outfit #4 / Styling skater skirt

I have this skater skirt from topshop that I really like. I think it's that kind of clothing that you quite easily can dress down or dress up. Today I wanted to show you how I would do that.
The first outfit is pretty casual and comfortable but not boring. The jumper is from H&M and I think that is what kind of 'makes the outfit' if you know what I mean. It adds colour and makes everything  look so effortless but still nice. Then I just wore a few pearl bracelets and a ring.
The second look is the more dressy one. I really like the classic vibe this outfit gives and the studds on the belt gives it a little something different but it's red which goes perfect with the classic theme. I went quite minimal with the jewelry since I wanted it to feel timeless but still modern.

Which style do you like the most?

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