E.L.F Cream Eyeshadow

I always need to have some kind of base under my eyeshadows or they  will crease within a few hours. I always use my Too Faced Shadow Insurance but sometimes I want something that will make the colour more intense. Here is a great product for that.
The purple colour is called 'Purple Pleaser' and the golden is called 'Natural Glow'.
On the picture I have swatched the cream eyeshadow on the left and an normal eyeshadow on the right. In the middle I have the cream with the eyeshadow over. As you can see, the cream really does makes a difference for how intense the colour of the eyeshadow looks.
I use a synthetic flat eyeshadow brush to apply it.
I have never tried these cream eyeshadows without a primer under but I can say that your eye makeup will stay the whole day with a primer, the the cream, then your eyeshadow.
I have even used the purple one under blue eyeshadows and if I make sure to pack the eyeshadows on you cant tell that I used a purple base under.
These cream eyeshadows are shimmery but you can use them under matte eyeshadows too, but then your makeup will have a little shimmer to it, but not that much. So don't be scared to try them out even  if you're not much for shimmer.
Also, it says on the that they are good for 6 months but I have had the golden one for about a year I think and it hasn't dried that much yet.
As a conclusion: I love this product and for its price it's pretty much perfect!

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