New for summer

Okay, it doesn't really feels like summer yet here in Sweden but it's hopefully not to far away. We have cherry blossoms outside our apartment and the trees are green and I have eaten my first strawberries this year! They weren't Swedish of course but they tasted good.
Anyway, that's not that I was going to tell you about here. I was going to show you what I bought yesterday, everything is from Cubus.
The first thing is really basic and it's just a normal black hoddie with a zipper. I like hoodies to be big and cozy so I got this one in size L but it doesn't look that big on.
Next is a pair of hot pink shorts. I wasn't too sure about the colour at first and looked more at a black pair but my sister made me try this one and I'm happy she did. I really like them and this colour makes me look a bit more tanned. The also fit really good.
Last is a pack with four rings. I love wearing rings so packs like this are perfect for me. I think they are really pretty and they had 25% off on all jewelry when I bought them which made me happy. It's such a nice feeling when you know you're going to buy something and then it's cheaper that you thought it was going to be.

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