Everyday Make up (without eyeliner)

This is the make up I have done lately on days when I don't feel like wearing eyeliner. When I don't wear eyeliner I feel like I have to have a little eyeshadow, I don't really like mascara to be the only make up on my eyes.
I like to do this make up because it's so easy and it goes so fast.

First I use the contouring powder in my Sleek face contour kit in the crease, I do this so that it's easier to blend the next shadow that I use on the lid. That eyeshadow is actually one that I got from a magazine sometime but I do like it and it's pretty good, but any golden shimmery eye shadow will do. I blend that one with the crease colour and then I use the hightlither in the contour kit on my browbone and in the inner corner of the eye.
To make it more intense I use an eye pencil. The one I have on here is in the colour soft black from IsaDora. Finish it all off with my mascara and it's done.

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