Beauty Haul

I have bought some beauty products recently so I decided to show them in a video, but I thought it would be easier to show swatches in pictures than in the video so here they are.
As you can see with the eyeshadows the darker colour are more pigmented than the lighter ones, but the light colours are still good. I haven't used any sort of base under the swatches but I always use a primer on my eyelids when I do my makeup so I pretty sure the colours will show even better on my eyes. I am probably going to do tutorials using both these eyeshadow palettes.
The blush in Heather Silk is really pigmented so I think you will need to use a light hand when you apply that one. I haven't used it yet though because I prefer peachy colour on my cheeks on the summer. So the other blush, in pearlescent pink, I have used everyday since I bought it. People say that it's a good dupe for Orgasm from Nars which everyone seems to love. And I really can see why if it's similar to this one.

This was my first time talking in a video and I actually wasn't as scared as I thought I would be.
Look here if you want to see what else I have bought:

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