10 Summer Essentials

It's starting to feel more like summer here in Sweden now so I thought I will show you 10 of my summer essentials.
The first two things are the ones I find the most important. Sun lotion and after sun. It is really important to protect your skin from the sun so do not forget sun lotion when you outside. If you would still get a sunburn or your skin feels a bit dry after you've been out, then use an after sun lotion. Here is a review on this after sun.

My top two makeup essentials on the summer are a BB-cream or a foundation with SPF ( protect you skin! ) and powder. This powder isn't that mattifying but it's enough for my skin which is nomal to combination now on the summer. Click here to read more about it.

If I say at a friends house for the night or if I go to the beach I think it so much easier to wash my makeup off with cleansing wipes than makeup remover. It goes quicker and you don't need cotton pads and water and what you might need with a cleansing milk or gel.
I also like to use leave in conditioner on the summer. If I've been in the water or by the coast were it's windy my hair gets quite tangled and it helps so much to use a leave in conditioner when I brush my hair. It also make my hair soft and shiny.
I always have dry lips so a lip balm is always a must for me.

Hair ties! Always have one with me so I can put my hair up or do a braid or whatever I feel like.
My two clothing essentials are shorts and a cozy knitted jumper I can pull over when it gets colder on the night.

That's all my summer essentials. What are some of yours?

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