Favourite Summer Foundation

I would say that I prefer to use a BB-cream rather than a foundation on the summer. Both because they feel lighter on the skin, they look more natural and they have SPF along with many more skin benefits. But that was before I tried this foundation.
I actually bought it in the end of last summer but my tan faded quite fast and I got paler so then this colour was to dark for me, but now it's a good match.
The reasons to why this is such a good summer foundation for me is that you don't feel it on your skin. I really don't like to feel like I have a whole lot of makeup on my skin when it's hot weather. It also dries pretty matt which I think makes it last longer, I still always powder over it though. The last thing is that it has SPF 30 in it which obviously is really good and especially now on the summer.
I sometimes mix it with my moisturizer and apply it with my hands if I want it to go quicker and don't feel like I need to much coverage. If I want a bit more coverage I apply it with my E.L.F. powder brush but when I do that I pump out a little on the brush and apply that to one area on my face and so on. I do that because this foundation dries pretty fast so  it makes it easier to blend out.
I would say it has a medium coverage but you can build it up a little.

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