My Nails - Nude / Lumene Gloss & Care 13 Full Of Peonies

Here it is, the nail polish I showed in my last post.
It is a nude light pink colour. I wasn't sure if it was going to suit my skin colour or not but I wanted a pale pink so I bought it. I thought it was better to buy this for 30 :- and see how I like it rather than go for an Essie one for 129 :- straight away.
I actually do quite like this colour. It doesn't wash me out or anything and I think it's a nice colour for when I want something on my nails ( which I always want ) but nothing too much, just something subtle.
So yeah, I like the colour. The pigmentation is another story though. I think a nail polish should look good with two coats, three could be okay too. But with this one I needed four coats. Since this is a drugstore polish in a really pale colour maybe I can't ask for too much but I really wish it had a better pigmentation since it's such a pretty colour.


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