Chestnut brown hair

I have had my hair dyed since August 2008, so for almost 5 years. I don't even really remember what me natural haircolour looks like anymore. But it should be some kind of medium brown. I have had dark brown, black/blue-black and different red-brown colours in my hair. It has been red-brown since last fall and I really like it.
Now I thought it was time to dye it again cause of my roots that you can see in the picture. When I was in the store trying to decide if I wanted to go more towards a red or a brown I had a bit of a struggle. I really like the red but in the end I went for a colour more towards brown. I'm probably going to go for a more red colour the next time though.
This chestnut brown colour from Schwarzkopf turned out to be a little bit darker and a little bit more red that I expected. I know the colour look really similar to the colour my hair had before in the picture but it looks darker in person. The red in it might be the red tones I had in me hair before that shines trough. Red can be really hard to get rid of as you might know.
I really like these Colour Masks, this was the second time I used them. I always use permanent hair dyes but that doesn't mean the colour will look the same forever, it does washes out a bit after a while. But this dye looks really good for a long time. If it wasn't for my roots I wouldn't had dyed my hair and it was about two months ago I did it the last time I think.
So good job Schwarzkopf!

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