Lancome Hypnose Star

Here is the review I said I was going to do.
First off, this is juat a sample sized mascara I have. My sister had the full size and got this one in a Glossybox so she gave it to me so I could try it.
This mascara has a brush that I haven't seen before. It has a cone shape I guess you could say, and on the side the bristles are longer and on one side they are shorter. That means that you can use the side with short bristles to build up the volume and the side with the long bristles to seperate your lashes. I usually go back and forth with the two sides till I get my lashes as I want them.
On the pictures on the second row I show you what this mascara looks like on me. On the first photo I have only curled my lashes, on the second one I have one coat of the mascara and on the third I have two coats.
I think this mascara gives both lenght and volume and it really holds the curl. My lashes looks the same on the night when I wash my makeup off as they did when I had just applied the mascara. That is what I love about it. This is the only one I have tried that makes my lashes look the same the whole day.
I also like the volume it gives but one thing I don't like as much is that, as you can see on the picture, the more you layer this mascara your lashes kind of clump together. This is not a clumpy mascara in any way but if you compare the picture with one layer and the one with two you can see that it looks like I have more lashes with only one layer on.
Overall this is one of the best mascaras I have tried when it comes to volume and lenght, and it is the best when it comes to hold. I would buy it if my wallet would allow it. But 320 swedish crowns is too much for a mascara for me.

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