New Skincare

A couple weeks age I needed both a new moisturiser and a new eye cream and these are the ones I bought.
I have heard good things about the whole The Body Shop Vitamin E range, and I have tried the eye cream which I liked, so therefore I wanted to try the moisturiser. They have this one which is for all skin types and also one for dry skin. I went for this one because my skin is a bit dry at the moment at the same time as I have a couple spots so I felt like this one would work the best for me of the two.
The eye cream I got is the Line Smoothing Eye Cream from Yves Rocher. I haven't heard anything about it before but I looked around on their christmas sale and saw it with 60% off and the reviews people have written there were all positive so since it was on such a good deal I wanted to buy it. Eye creams are as you might know usually a bit pricey.
I have only had these two products for about two weeks so I can't really say too much about what I think of them but so far the seem to work good for me, especially the eye cream.
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