Motel Rocks Bikini

If I look outside I will see snow. If I go outside I will freeze, even if I would be wearing a winter jacket and a scarf. Basically it's the middle of the winter and that's probably not the time of year when most people are thinking about buying bikinis. But I'm going to Greece in the end of May and I'm really (really) exited about that! So after Christmas I looked around in the sales and found this bikini by Motel Rocks on asos and it was love at first sight. The print on it is so lovely and tropical and I just felt like I had to have it.
I'm going to be honest. I was pretty nervous about buying a bikini online because that is obviously a piece of clothing that has to fit good. I both looked at what size I have on a bikini I already own and looked at the size guide to see that size should fit me. Luckily it fits perfect and I couldn't bee more happy with this purchase!

You can find it on asos here (still on sale) and on Motel Rocks here.
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