beunuki Everyday Chronograph Watch

I have never been one to wear a wrist watch. I don't really know why, I'd just rather wear braclets and look at my phone if I want to know the time. Even though I never wore them I've alwas liked them on others.
Then one day I somehow found beunuki's instagram page and fell in love, and luckely for me, it was my birthday a few week after I found this online store so instead of buying a watch myself I whished for my favourite one for my birthday and I got it from my sister and her boyfriend!

This is the one! Out of all the watches they have this is one of the most simple ones, and that is what I like about it. It has a simple faux white leather strap and the actual clock is also white with rose gold details. What I think makes this simple watch special is that the numbers are roman and it has other details there aswell that I don't know that to call. Those details is what I like about it and I think it makes it more interesting. That is what realy like when it comes to style. Simple things but with a something little more.

To be honest, I am not a rose gold fan. I prefer the normal yellow gold. I did one time found a neckalce that I liked that was rose gold but when I held it against my skin I felt like it really didn't go well with my skincolour. Because it is so much white on this watch and the rose gold is only in the details that is not a problem. I really like it on my skin. I actually think I like it more than I though I would when I first found it. Yeah, I love this watch!

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