Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

An eyeshadow palette that looks like a chocolate bar, smells like chocolate and the eyeshadows are made with real coca? Yes please!

I bought this from LookFantastic for £45 (actually I got it for £36 because they had a 20% code when I bought it. Yaay for cupon codes!). What you get is this lovely palette which contain sixteen eyeshadows, two of them are twice the sice of the others. I think there is a good viraity of textures here, some matt/semi matte, some shimmery and a few with a little bit of glitter in them. I think all eyeshadows in this palette are easy to work with and are easy to blend.

All of the shadows, exept for two, are natural shades. Sometimes natural palettes can be a bit boring and the colours look too much alike. That is not the case with this palette. There are browns, gold, copper, redish shades and purple toned shades. Dark and light. There are mostly warm shades which isn't that weird concidering it is inspired by chocolate and chocolate brown is more of a warm brown, but they are not too warm which I like. The two shades that are not as natural are one very light baby pink and one purple or slightly blue depending on the light. I would say that this palette has most shades you want in a natural eyeshadow palette and the looks you can create using it are endless. You can do anything from a subtle everyday look to a dramatic dark smokey eye.

When it comes to pigmentation I would say it good, best if you use a primer as with most eyeshadows. One thing thoguh is that I feel like with a couple of the shades, the gold one (creme brule) and the purple (candid violet), you might need a creme eyeshadow as a base to get the full intensity of the shadow. Having said that thought, they still work good with just a normal primer, they are just not a intense as they could be.
I have used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a base on the swatches.

Here is a quite easy look that I did using this palette. I have Too Faced Shadow Insurance as my base all over the eyelid. I used creme brule (with the Maybelline 24/7 colour tattoo in On and On Bronze under) on the inner half of my eyelid, hazelnut on the outer half and milk chocolate to blend it out in the crese. Then I highlighted both my browbone and innner corner with Champagne Truffle. Lastly I used Candid Violet under my lover lashline to add a bit of colour and make it a bit more fun. 

Overall I do really like this palette and I already know that it will be well loved even if I only have had it for about a week. The shades are easy to wear and easy to work with. What more can you ask for?

One more thing I want to say is that I read THIS blogpost about this palette before I bought it and I love how she compared these eyeshadoes with other palettes and since I don't have any of those palettes it made me want to get this one even more!

What do you think about this palette? Is it just one more natural eyeshadow palette or do you think it has something special?
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  1. this palette is so stunning, i want it so bad.