It was probably one or two years ago I first found the online store society6.com and fell in love with the artwork you can find there. Some work are amazingly breathtaking, some are really funny, some are super cute and some are just lovely designs.
A week ago I was on the phone with my dad and then he said that maybe I could put up some of my photographs on these wedsites where you can sell your photos to companies and such and see if I maybe could make a little extre money on that. I didn't do that but that made think that I could start my own store on Society6. So that is what I did.

At first I tought about posting some of my photos since I read photography at school and I have two photos up there. But then I realised that I thoght it was more fun to make a design from scratch in GIMP (which is the photoeditor I use because I don't want to pay a fortune for photoshop). I really enjoy doing my ows designs and it also makes me learn the program more which also is fun.

One thing I like much more about Society6 than other places for selling your artwork I have seen is that you don't only sell it as art prints or canvas, you can also sell it on clothing, throw pillows, mugs, wall clocks, phone cases and more!

Click on the picture to come to my profil on Society6!

I also made a twitter account yeastersay so if you want to follow me there you can click here!
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