Clothing Haul

Why is it always that you are in the biggest shopping mood when you don't have money? Can someone please answer that? "We always want what we can't have". That might be the answer..
Anyhow, I've done a little shopping lately. I shouldn't have because I don't have that much money right now but I did it anyway. I'm such a rebel. Honestly, that is probably as much of a rebel I will get.

Here are the pieses of chlothing that I have bought. The three first ones are from boohoo.com which is my favourite online store. I have seen people complaining about their delivery and such but I have never had any problem with them what so ever and this was the third time I shopped there. I love their clothes and I feel like they have something for everyone, the delivery has been on time or before estimated delivery which is great!
The other two pieces are from Gina Tricot which is a Swedish clothing store but the also and stores in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany and an european online store.

This one is out of stock or they don't sell it anymore.

199 swedish crowns Gina Tricot

75 swedish crowns (on sale) Gina Tricot

And here is me wearing the items fron Gina Tricot. 

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