Get Cozy!

T-shirts - TopShop / Socks - GinaTricot / PJ Bottoms - Bubbleroom / Leggings - Asos / PJ Onesie - TopShop / Slippers - H&M

A cup of tea with honey and a Harry Potter movie curled up in a blanket when the rain is pouring down outside.
That is how I like to spend autumn days, but one more thing I need to make it perfect is a really comfy outfit. A pyjamas is the most comfortable thing you can wear in my opinion. I always wear a pyjamas when I'm home doing nothing, at least the bottoms. I wear a normal tank top sometimes but on my legs I will wear pjs.
If you want maximum comfiness you can also wear socks like the Cosy Socks from Gina Tricot. Socks like that are perfect for a cold autumn or winter day!

How do you like to spend those rainy autumn days?

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